Lele Esposito – Through this noise – testo e video

Lele Esposito, che attualmente vediamo impegnato nella squadra Bianca di Amici 15, capitanata da Emma ed Elisa, presenta Through this noise, il suo primo brano inedito. A seguire, il testo della canzone e cliccando sulla foto qui sotto potete vedere il video dell’esibizione del cantante ad Amici 15.

Feeling out of mind
18 worlds right in my eyes
is this true?
is this you?

Mixed my pain with alcohol,
asking questions to my soul,
I know, I have never felt so alone
dancing through these lies again.

Trying to find my way,
for you this is just a game,
keep in mind that you can’t play whit my love.

I don’t wanna be the one
that tries to hold his breath
because it’s you the only thing
that i would have
but when I look at you
and you’re just going really down with that bay
please God, let me disappear
through this noise.

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