Lele Esposito – Through this noise – testo e video ufficiale

Lele Esposito, quarto classificato ad Amici 15, presenta il video ufficiale di  Through this noise, il suo nuovo singolo.

A seguire, il testo e il video della canzone.

Feeling out of mind
18 worlds right in my eyes
is this true?
is this you?

Mixed my pain with alcohol,
asking questions to my soul,
I know, I have never felt so alone
dancing through these lies again.

Trying to find my way,
for you this is just a game,
keep in mind that you can’t play whit my love.

I don’t wanna be the one
that tries to hold his breath
because it’s you the only thing
that i would have
but when I look at you
and you’re just going really down with that bay
please God, let me disappear
through this noise.

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